who on earth are...fat white family?

Name: Fat White Family
Genre: ShoeGaze
For Fans Of: The War On Drugs, Thee Oh Sees, The Cramps
Location: South London

Fat White Family are a hark back to a simpler time, when bands survived, sometimes for months at a time, on nothing but their instruments and whatever gigs they can string together in order to feed themselves. If there's a certain romanticism attached to that, you're just as likely to become disillusioned with the South Londoners when you see the name of their latest EP, the charming 'Champagne Holocaust'. As the name suggests, Fat White Family seem determined to pour acid on the Cool Britannia Movement and all those involved with it, though frustratingly this doesn't stop them being one of the UK's best young bands. Dark overtones shadow the bands haunting soundscapes, while singer Lias Saoudi stalks the stage, often half naked, in some of the most captivating live shows you're not likely to see this year. Need further proof of his 'rock 'n' roll' credentials? He said this after winning an NME award; "I hate awards shows. It's contrary to everything I believe in as an artist and musician. I find it mildly amusing but repulsive because there's all these insiders blowing sugar up each others arses," ~ We're sure that acceptance speech wasn't awkward at all.

Taylor Johnson

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