single review ~ catmando ~ 'recluse'

Swimming in ambiance, the latest effort from Derry/Londonderry's peculiarly named Catmando is at worst background noise, and at best a song of rippling intensity. Despite running ever so slightly out of steam toward the end, 'Recluse' is in no way a bad effort. The sonic backdrop laid down from the tracks opening is promising, while it's central riff's versatility means it could have been a cutting floor extra from Daft Punks 'Random Access Memories', or a Depeche Mode demo.

Though not quite doing enough to break into their stride just yet, Catmando is intriguing enough to warrant a second listen. With a sound currently oversaturated with influences, you feel Catmando will truly benefit when he/she/it decides where they want to go, instead of worrying how they're going to get there.

Taylor Johnson

For fans of: Tears For Fears, Daft Punk

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