single review ~ rebekah wilson ~ 'one day more'

Name: Rebekah Wilson
Genre: Acoustic//Indie
For Fans Of: Aaron Shanley, Ben Howard, SOAK
Location: Belfast

If you're involved in the Northern Irish music scene, chances are you know Rebekah Wilson. Almost certainly the scene's biggest supporter, Rebekah has contributed more to the growth of this countries local talent than most, whether shining light upon upcoming artists, promoting gigs or simply allowing her passion to spill out onto social media ~ she really has made a difference.

 Unsurprisingly, the transition from passionate music fan, to singer-songwriter in her own right has been a natural one; resulting in 'One More Day', A demo of gentle beauty and delicate excellence. Here, 16 year old Wilson displays her ear for a melody, 'One More Day's verses pulling the listener in through waves of gently strummed guitar and soft piano. With the production giving a sly nod to Soak (and even early Feet For Wings), Wilson's voice stands her independently from her peers. Startlingly assured for one so young, Wilson's clarity and tone is filled with promise. As the song tails towards it's conclusion, an unexpected guitar driven breakdown displays a versatility rare for for even the most accomplished songwriter. For a demo, this really is impressive.

Lyrically Wilson displays yet more maturity, 'One More Day's nostalgia-inducing major key a mask to the tracks darker intentions. (reminiscent perhaps, of the late Paper Man's maudlin 'Hieroglyphics')

"One day more I feel lost,
 Each day, depleting cost,
 Without you I lose worth ,
 My heart's hit worst "

Between her array of local music contacts, her (already extensive) gigging experience and solid back catalog of original tunes, Rebekah Wilson is a name worth remembering.

Watch this space.

Taylor Johnson

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