news: a plastic rose to launch new album in mandela hall // free show

Alt-rock band A Plastic Rose have announced they will launch their second album 'Flickering Light Of An Inner War' in the huge surroundings of The Mandela Hall, in Belfast.

Having already released no less than four singles from the record (which comes in a stylish red & blue vinyl), the band have also allowed fans the opportunity to hear the record on Spotify before they commit to buying it. The Mandela show is certain to be a special and emotional occasion, with support on the night coming from two of Belfast's most exciting young rock bands for good measure.

Although it is unknown whether the band will dip into their extensive back catalog to pull out old favorites, tracks like 'This Side Of Winter', 'Move Islands' and the pulsating 'Happiness & Joy' look certain to form the spine of their newest set. If their last few Belfast shows are anything to go by, the prospect of a mass, spontaneous river-dance may also be on the cards...

Amazingly, the show will be a free event, which reinforces even more just how important it is to be there.

As the band reveal more and more of their new material, it looks increasingly likely that this gig will be yet another 'I was there' moment.

APRmy, your country needs you!

Date: Thursday, 26th February.
Venue: Mandela Hall, Belfast

Taylor Johnson

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