single of the week ~ '2' ~ oaks

Imagine gently lulling Sigur Ros into an electronic daze and you're someway to understanding the tranquil brilliance of '2', the new single from Belfast producer Oaks.

Though not quite avant-garde enough to warrant it's own new genre, '2' feels like the natural progression between Explosions In The Sky's mesmerising post-rock and Tycho's brooding sound.

Uplifting, yet perfectly entrancing, Oaks has captured the sound of sheer relaxation, with just enough synth left in to keep things interesting. The songs spacial harmony allows each of it's segments the room to breathe, while it's balance between dark and light leave it open to any given interpretation.

While a haunting, Jónsi-esque vocal over the top could be a welcome addition to this track, it's certainly not a glaring emission.

More of the same please.

Taylor Johnson

For fans of: Tycho, God Is An Astronaut

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