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In no particular order, here are the eight chosen tracks for the debut Volume Control Records album!

#1. The Remedy ~ 'Different Class'

Music and Lyrics by The Remedy

The story of Belfast lads The Remedy is a fascinating tale, and one practically already in Belfast folklore. Formed by three school mates sometime around 2011, the band's earliest days consisted of countless jam sessions in lead guitarist Daniel Donaghy's attic and listening to the indie gospel of Oasis. Inspired, they began writing their own tunes and very quickly immersed themselves in Belfast's gigging scene, despite their young age. Slowly, the band built up a large following as they began supporting the likes of Echo Raptors, The Late Twos and The Couth, to name a few. Then, after one fateful trip to Sunflower Fest, their style began evolving to include trumpets and groove to their bedrock indie, a unique formula. It proved to be a good move! All this  resulted in the release of their debut single 'Different Class', a huge anthem which got them radio airplay all across Belfast and expanded their fan base further. Now gearing up for their long-awaited debut Ep, the time looks and feels right for this excellent band.

#2. Jealous of the Birds ~ 'Goji Berry Sunset'

Music & Lyrics by Naomi Hamilton

Dripping in sweetness, 'Goji Berry Sunset' was 18 year old bedroom musician Naomi Hamilton's introduction to the world of the recording artist. As first impressions go, it's near flawless, as a host of radio play, gig opportunities and kind words can attest to. Having swooned her way out of her native Portadown and into Belfast hearts, Hamilton need not be jealous for too much longer; watch this very special talent take flight in 2016.

#3. SALAD BOYZ ~ 'T-4-2'

Music by SALAD BOYZ, Lyrics by Tommy Haghighi

Sharing a love of 90's noise-rock, friendship and captivating lyricism, there may not be a single band quite like SALAD BOYZ anywhere in Britain or Ireland today. Emerging earlier this year, the four piece take the punk roots of their home city and add a timelessly melodic flavor to proceedings, culminating in the sort of explosive live shows long thought left behind in 'the good ol' days'. 'T-4-2' is the sensitive jewel in their ever expanding crown, complete with beautifully intricate guitar lines and a massive chorus. A band already steeped in history (check out their Facebook profile for more on that...), SALAD BOYZ are one band guaranteed to never sell out.

#4. Young G ~ 'It's On Now'

Music and Lyrics by Young G

'Young G', aka Gershom Kaoma, is a musician living off pure perseverance. Growing up in the small town of Ballyclare, his first foray into the world of rap came through a series of home made bedroom tapes, where he plied his trade through an avalanche of lyrics. After honing his flow down to a tee, he then moved on to forming his first band 'The Project Sound', a three piece hip-hop group made up of The Sea, Close By's Alastair Greyson and producer Andy Christie. Hugely promising singles followed, as well as the awesome 'Nude Street' Ep, but unfortunately for Kaoma, University saw the band part ways. After a self-set hiatus of songwriting and fine-tuning his art, Young G is now ready to revitalize the Northern Irish rap scene. Work on his debut solo mix-tape 'Method To The Madness' has just been completed, and with it this first monster of a single.

#5. Shadow Police ~ 'Sleep Tonight'

Music and Lyrics by Shadow Police

Matthew Duly is no stranger to the stage. A graduate of the Oh Yeah Centre's 'Scratch My Progress' talent programme, the young songwriter has won over countless audiences over the years with his huge voice and tender lyrics. Now, having ditched the glam-rock noise of previous band 'Lipstick Lizards', Duly finds himself on the frontline armed only with a synth and a microphone in new band Shadow Police. An electronic two piece reminiscent of New Order, Shadow Police have already amassed an impressive list of accomplishments so far. Having rocked Barnfest, Stendhal Festival and some of the countries top gig nights, it won't be long before they take their electronic harmonies far from these shores. 'Sleep Tonight' is their first single, and what a start it is.

#6. Little Arcadia ~ 'Anywhere Else'

Music by Little Arcadia, Lyrics by Eunan Brown

An anthemic call to arms, this title track from Coleraine four piece Little Arcadia's latest EP is proof that the weight of expectation on a band isn't necessarily always a bad thing. Now into their fourth year together, 'Anywhere Else', with it's hooky verses and punky guitar tones, show just how far this young group have come since their early days on electronic drum-kits. Having conquered the vast majority of the North Coasts stomping grounds over the years, 2016 may be the year we see them finally take Belfast by storm. Taking influence from ASIWYFA and General Fiasco, we see no reason why they won't!

#7. Maeve McPherson ~ 'Drugstore Dream Girl'

Music and Lyrics by Maeve McPherson

Maeve McPherson is the wide eyed, bedroom dreamer from your favorite teenage fiction novel and she makes no apologies for it. Armed with an abundance of intoxicating lyrics, her melodically crafted pop songs fall somewhere between Kate Bush and Ellen Page in the movie 'Juno', charming, honest and warm. Still a member of the Underground Club, 2016 should see Maeve McPherson really push on, and not a moment too soon.

#8. The Bayonettes ~ '2 Miles For Me Is 1000 For You'

Music by The Bayonettes, Lyrics by Danny McClelland

North Coast representatives The Bayonettes thrive off a good story, a trait personified by their frontman Danny Clelland. 2014's 'Post-Kiss' Ep was a lyrical triumph, taking on the tricky concept album with total ease.  Latest single '2 Miles For Me...' takes things a step further, as the band really begin to capture their own unique sound. Distorted guitars, anthemic chorus' and wanderlust lyrics; The Bayonettes have found themselves within this single.

More info and an events page coming soon via Volume Control!

Taylor Johnson

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