track of the week ~ 'growing pains' ~ sister ghost

If we know anything about Shannon O'Neill at this stage, it's that she doesn't care what you think.

Rarely will you find an artist in this technologically suffocating world so steadfast in this attitude. Opinions are everywhere and the internet have created a new space for them to occupy they didn't before. The fact that the overwhelming opinion of Shannon's hard working alter ego 'Sister Ghost' is one of high praise and excitement, matters little. You feel all she cares about is the sound, and based on new single  'Growing Pains' it's a philosophy that's serving her very well indeed.

Still maintaining that Sonic Youth fuzz from her earliest work, 'Growing Pains' is an ode to the death of childhood and realities of adult-life. There's sprinklings of Johnny Marr on the guitar work, whilst the breakdown and spoken word interludes give things a real haunted 90's vibe. Throughout, O'Neill sounds confident and fierce.

Having successfully captured Sister Ghost's energy here, the live potential of this track is bursting from the seams; more of the same please, Sister.

Taylor Johnson

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