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Hi guys! 

Today we've some incredible news we've been dying to announce for some time now.

From our inception back in 2013 Encore NI  has always strived to do everything we can to help the Northern Irish music scene and the artists which make it so special. Along the way we've met some incredible other people who share our philosophy ('Through The Wall' on Blast 106, Hidden Machine Promotions, Across The Line on Radio Ulster, the Spectrum Festival team etc...) and who we have had the pleasure of working alongside. We are proud to announce that we can now add the wonderful Volume Control team to this list! Together we are teaming up to help shape 'Volume Control Records', a non-profitable record label designed to help push local artists on even further.

After an incredibly difficult selection process, we have chosen eight emerging local acts to submit tracks which will form our very first compilation record. This will of course mean a physical and digital release and as big a promotional push as possible to go alongside it!

The purpose of VC Records is to shine a light on these hugely talented artists and get their music heard. If you feel you can help in any way with promoting the album, either through radio play, reviews, blog posts or simply social media support, it would be massively appreciated by the VC Records team and the artists themselves.

We will now reveal the eight chosen track and a little about them...

Thanks for your support!


Encore NI//Volume Control Records

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