track of the week ~ tour alaska ~ 'love love love'

Name: Tour Alaska
Genre: Indie//Folk 
For Fans Of: Bright Eyes, Elliot Smith, Iain Archer 
Location: Belfast

"This city is bleak and it's getting bleaker, only the straight get cake...everyday the children are learning a different way to hate"

Every so often a song comes along to really capture the times and feeling of a city, and in 'Love Love Love', the brand new demo from Tour Alaska, Belfast may have found its song for right now. 

A maudlin tale disguised as a happy strummer, here Tour Alaska (the solo project of A Plastic Rose's Gerry Norman) combines the breezy tenderness of Conor Oberst with his own trademark howl. In a bizarre way, it's the most feelgood song about Belfast's shortcomings you're ever likely to hear, more a rallying call than a depressing reality check. With such an uplifting chorus in tow, you feel Tour Alaska could play this song with a full band behind him or on his own, and it would remain just as powerful; and as the sing along potential of this track continues to overflow with each listen, you begin to wonder what else Norman could have in his songwriting locker...? It's a tantalizing thought!

Making his solo debut at our Pride gig this Friday, this is shaping up to be a very special night for Northern Irish music.

Taylor Johnson

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