gay pride fundraiser cops *teaser*

This was a performance excluding their new double a-side release 'decay' and 'six'; arguably two of Northern Ireland's best indie records ever. Though perhaps we shouldn't be surprised. This is a band in the ascendancy, writing furiously and at an astonishing pace. Tonight they open with yet another new song, haunting, foreboding and sonically growing ever more complex. Bass harmonics & quiet, hushed vocals combine to create their most menacing song to date. 

"Who's gonna stop me when you're gone?"

It's dark, catching you from the off. There's no great announcement, as ever, very little in the way of hello's. Hot Cops simply wait, draw you in and then crash seamlessly into "Passive Passive", a song which already feels like a classic and yet hasn't been released yet. All night this continues, another new track 'Auto' let's the light in briefly, a happier refrain, though no less angular. The bands first big anthem 'Kenzies Farmhouse' also makes a rare appearance. It sounds huge, raw, Hot Cops sound ready. They look ready too, as the band casually chat to their audience, their witticisms fully appreciated here. There's a relaxed atmosphere from the band as they continue to work their way through the set. The bass riff from "Fallout", the sole live survivor from #1 Babes is raucous here, and anyone who wasn't already absorbed by the three piece's noise certainly is now.

 "I remember shot gun shells at the party..." calls Eccles, as he grabs the mic, briefly leaving his guitar to rest in mid air.  To end, they choose "Dumbo", the slow building climax this performance deserved. It rises and rises until it can't anymore and as Hot Cops crash their way to the finish line the most frustrating aspect of all is not having the room filled with like minded fans to thrash and sing alongside. No matter, as for now I'm happy to dance alone. Maybe I should enjoy it, as I won't be alone for long.

Full Review Coming Soon...

Taylor Johnson

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