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It's with heavy hearts that today the Northern Irish music scene must face a future without two of it's strongest alternative rock outfits. Sadly both More Than Conquerors and Serotonin have decided to move on, leaving behind a collection of great EP's, singles and countless memories.

It was Serotonin, of course, who famously brought back the spirit of punk last April, defying an unfortunate situation by gigging outside on the balcony of The Granary, a local sandwich shop. They ended up playing an acoustic set to a crowd which just kept getting bigger, as passers by and those within the bar flooded onto the street to join the band and their dedicated fans. This was just one of many punk styled moments in the proud history of the band. Whether screaming along to headbanger 'Paint', or getting people moving to 'Cold Coffee's sweet hooks, Serotonin were a band who gave everything.

More Than Conquerors too played host to many a memorable night, their short set at The Mandela Hall earlier this year for the NI Music awards proving one of their best ever. Thankfully, they have announced one final show at the Mandela Hall, on October 2nd. If that wasn't enough, support on the night comes from the excellent David C Clements. Get your tickets here.

Together these bands have helped inspire the local scene and Encore NI would like to express our total gratitude for the music, which will continue to influence long after these bands have moved on to new projects.

Onwards and upwards...

Encore NI

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