gig preview | 'a gay pride fundraiser'

This Friday we will be teaming up with Belfast's Oh Yeah Centre, in support of Belfast Pride 2015!

As the date fast approaches for one of the most exciting gigs you'll see this year, we've compiled a few reasons why you really can't miss it. 

1. Tour Alaska's echo-chamber bliss.

An incredibly new project, Tour Alaska is the softer side of A Plastic Rose's dynamic frontman Gerry Norman. Calling on the very best of this island's tender songwriting roots, Tour Alaska's four released demo's see's elements of Damien Rice, Bright Eyes and Bon Iver converge to take you to a wooden cabin, far from the rest of humanity. Expect tears of joy and sing along chorus' throughout!

"I'm so sorry, I'm not a machine..."

2. Hot Cops frightening power

We all know about Hot Cops by now. Darlings of Radio One's Big Weekend in Norwich and the writers of some of this countries most exciting indie-rock in decades. Having vaulted those perilous early shows with total ease, Hot Cops are now at a point were they are starting to appreciate their own brilliance; and with that confidence comes the sort of gigs you want to be able to say 'I was there' for. With new singles 'Six' and 'Decay' leading the charge (Kenzie's what?) you can guarantee Hot Cops will blow minds. 


3. Sister Ghost's grunge explosion

Already boasting a fantastic double a-side to her name (as well as the awesome debut single 'Scent'), Sister Ghost's ascent to the top of NI's punk scene has looked incredibly easy. Always guaranteeing an energetic live show, the band's hard riffs and noise mastery will take you back to the riot grrrl movement at it's absolute best.


4. Jealous of the Birds' effortless chill

Since the release of her debut EP 'Capricorn', life has been rather crazy for Jealous of the Birds. Oozing a bohemian cool, the young singer-songwriter's voice has entranced many since she first stepped on a stage earlier this year. Between her 90's style and 'singing songs in a lighthouse until 6 in the morning' vibes, Jealous of the Birds deserves all the praise she's been getting so far.

 "voice is loud, thundercloud, god is deaf, waste of breath"

5. It's for such an important cause

With Northern Ireland still lagging behind the rest of the civilized world in terms of rights for the LGBT community, this is a chance to get behind a really great cause ~ Love is love!

Doors open at The Oh Yeah Music Centre, Gordon Street at 8pm.

Tickets will be available from the Oh Yeah Music Centre and on the night, at the price of £5. Bar service, over 18s only, late license.

Don't miss it!

Taylor Johnson

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