ep review ~ 'their self loathing debut (mostly)' ~ junk drawer

Name: Junk Drawer 
Genre: Indie
For Fans Of: Yuck, Fleece, Teenage Fanclub, Sparklehorse 
Location: Belfast

The superbly named 'Junk Drawer' is a strange amalgamation of worlds. Taking  a dash of Graham Coxon's disjointed melodies and the riffing splendor of former Yuck frontman Daniel Blumberg, Junk Drawer have created a noisy debut to rival most UK releases this year.

Never remaining in the same space for too long, the three piece strike the perfect balance between haze and harmony on this two track release. The first of these, 'Buying Pictures (For The Frame)' is an anthemic call to arms, uplifting and yet startlingly dark; and whilst the lead vocals remain partly suffocated amongst the barrage of noise, it's this that gives the track it's authentic 90's feel. Swirling and warm, it could easily be an early contender for track of the year.

Second track 'Murphy', though more menacing than it's predecessor, is no less enjoyable. There's a definite Joy Division soundscape at play here, as the tempestuous waters of Junk Drawer's huge sound is explored deeper. There's also a forlorn intensity to their frontman's (whoever that may be) voice. As if his heart may detonate at the end of each chorus.

Much like a siren's call, Junk Drawer's 'Their Self Loathing Debut (Mostly)' will continuously tempt you to re-press that play button. Do it. This band are awesome.

Taylor Johnson

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