single review ~ the clameens ~ 'don't judge'

Bursting with the sort of pop-vigor we've came to expect, Londonderry's 'The Clameens' continue to hit the mark with latest single 'Don't Judge'. Littered with gravitating hooks and bounce along shimmer, here we see a new side to the guitar slinging, hyperactive kids who set the air-waves alight with 'She's Got My Heart' last year. Calmer, yet no less assured, 'Don't Judge' sways through the upbeat soundscapes the lads have long since mastered, without ever really pushing the boundaries set from time gone by.

An enjoyable and welcome addition to a live set, though knowing what this band are capable of you can't help but feel slightly underwhelmed at the lack of any real pile-driving chorus. Soothing Graceland-era Paul Simon backing vocals and a beautifully integrated xylophone solo add a vintage twang to proceedings, but ultimately we're left with a track slightly tainted by it's restrained finish. Perhaps this is the fault of the producers, perhaps it's simply a tune destined to grow on the listener, as ultimately this is not a bad effort at all. In fact, it is a well written pop tune that The Clameens faithful will no doubt continue to sing and dance along to for as long as it remains in their impressive set. This, however, can't disguise the fact that this band are capable of much more. (See '#follow' & 'What's The Difference?' then judge for yourselves...)

Deep down, you know they will be back and their next single could be the big one. The track to capture the attention of a BBC Radio 1 that already has them marked out as potential saviors of the indie cause. This is a band chosen to support the transcendent might of the legendary Pete Doherty, and have inspired rooms full of men, woman and children alike to raptures before even sitting an A-Level exam. Let's just hope that this natural enthusiasm is allowed room to breath on their next record.

Taylor Johnson

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