live review ~ the late twos ~ voodoo, belfast

As quietly self-assured as they are riotous, Belfast's The Late Two's produced another night of infectious wonder as they took to the stage at Voodoo last night. Having meticulously crafted an impressive back catalog over their five year history, songs like 'I Don't Wanna Stop This Dance' and 'Modette to Ladette' are given a new lease of life in a live capacity, Matty Legge's dynamic showmanship taking centre stage throughout. New songs like 'High Tide' swagger effortlessly, while current single 'Never Mind' already explodes with the melodic vibrancy of a ready made classic. Despite this, it was still the self titled finale that proved the jewel in the Late Twos crown, and as the opening riffs cascaded through the venue you'd be forgiven for forgetting you were in a, admittedly beloved, but ultimately tiny Belfast venue. It seems already inevitable that these lads are destined for so much more. Rhythm guitarist Dee McMaster has taken on a greater role too on vocal duties, his new found confidence behind the mic radiating around Legge's, elevating the sound as a result.

As The Late Two's left the stage to rapturous applause you couldn't help but feel sorry for the evenings headliner, Germany's 'Monkeeman'. Despite drawing in a decent crowd, it was clear the majority of gig goers where there for the opening act.

As The Late Two's upward trajectory continues at this pace, the heady days of support slots will be nothing more than a distant memory for one of the best bands we have produced in years.

Taylor Johnson

('Never Mind' ~ The Late Two's latest single)

Be sure to catch The Late Two's live at their new EP 'Get Down Before I Pull You Down' s launch, Thursday, 8th May, Queens Student Union & keep up to date with all official news on the links below.


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