name change ~ 'goodbye little bear, hello pørts' & 'ancient wave' single review

In a move certain to baffle their carefully assembled fan base, beloved Londonderry/Derry quartet 'Little Bear' have abandoned their former moniker in favor of the ambiguous 'PØRTS', jumping on the bandwagon of modern 'all cap' band names.

Long term fans of the band shouldn't worry however, as the newly branded group bare all the hall marks of their previous identity. Front man Steven McCool's anthemic vocals trail blazing through a typically ambient soundscape as proved in the newly released 'Ancient Wave'. The only changes in their trademark sound coming through additional backing vocals and even subtle classical influences, a rising violin making an appearance alongside haunting synths. Mark O'Doherty's drumming is as tight as ever, building beautifully before crashing into life on a chorus that soars, rather than exploding senselessly as could so easily have been the case. PØRTS use of piano as a gentle opening sets the ethereal boundaries that we have come to expect, this time foreboding with a new found menace, ever so slightly darker. 'A crashing ancient wave, into the dark...". The track dips and dives in a manner only really expressed in recent years by the likes of Limerick's 'Moscow Metro', though McCool's unmistakably strong tone acts as a guiding light, ensuring 'Ancient Wave' never falls into melancholic territory, despite it's considerably fuller production.

Normally a transition of this nature can spell trouble ahead for bands as established as Little Bear, however if this single is anything to go by PØRTS will ride out this ancient wave with ease. A fine effort.

Taylor Johnson

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