interview & live session as in an instant perform new single 'something right and something real'

 In this exclusive interview with Encore NI, Bangor's most exciting young electronic four piece In An Instant discuss their new EP 'Light You Know and Love', their earliest influences and plans to take over the world (and support U2 in the process!).

The boys also revealed the launch date for the EP, the loving craft behind each of their songs and the hopes and fears which have helped drive the deep feelings behind their music.

Charming and polite as ever, In An Instant radiate an enthusiasm and genuine love of their musical journey and even agreed to perform a rare, live acoustic performance of the fantastic new single 'Something Right and Something Real'.

The interview was very kindly filmed on location at The Pavilion Bar, Belfast and Encore NI would like to take the chance to thank the hardworking staff that created such a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere for the duration of the session. We have a feeling we'll be back very soon...

Taylor Johnson

For all official In An Instant news, follow the links below⁞►

& Be sure to catch the band live on the 29th of May at Hidden Machine in Voodoo Belfast.

For news and future gig events in The Pavilion check out their official website here⁞► 

To hear the exclusive interview please click here.

To hear the acoustic live performance of 'Something Right and Something Real' please click here.

'Light You Know & Love' will be released on the 29th of May with a new single steaming soon...

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