ep review - tyrannosaurus wrex - 'fromthecarpet'

For fans of: Damien Rice, Joe Purdy, The Tallest Man On Earth

The ambient sadness of 'Fromthecarpet', the debut release from Tyrannosaurus Wrex, resonates long after the final chord has rung out on this quietly brilliant collection of demos.

The side project of Brand New Friend and Sea Above's Aaron Milligan, Tyrannosaurus Wrex's introduction to the world was made as subtly as the music itself; no fuss, no grandeur, just delicate songs with nods to The Tallest Man On Earth, Jose Gonzalez and Glen Hansard throughout.

Take the hypnotic waltz of opener 'Greens For Blues', a heartrending lofi trek through the deepest trenches of the human psyche, as we witness it's author battling his own brain. Beautifully, Milligan balances the desolate with hope, leaving just enough light in to break the darkness.

"After all I'm still me, still the same person I've always been, still the same blood running through my veins, the same heart and the same old pain"

'Phone Call' at times feels so personal, it seems an intrusion to listen on. We hear more haunting guitar work, layered over an acoustic lead and Milligan's hushed, entrancing vocals. We hear more solace in others, as he sings "Please keep answering my calls, I just wanna know you're there, don't have to say anything at all...". 

Closing the EP is 'Different', a song more in the vein of his alt-rock roots in Sea Above. Yet more complex guitar work is given room to grow in what is undoubtedly the most anthemic track on 'Fromthecarpet', yet that doesn't make it any less personal than the EP title suggests. We hear reflections on a battle won, but a war years from conclusion.

"Doing well, coping, sleep tonight, here's hoping..."

For an unofficial, bedroom demo, 'Fromthecarpet' hits incredibly close to home. 

Taylor Johnson

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