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For fans of: Weezer, Pixies, Blur

By their very nature, Belfast's favourite vegetable-cult band don't take themselves too seriously. Born over a shared love of snacks and good times, SALAD BOYZ are a rare breed in a musical landscape littered with trend and self-importance; 'Silly Guys Having A Fun Time' sounds like a peaceful rebellion against that mentality, with some real bangers hiding amidst the party-themed chaos.

Take opener 'Crocodile' for example, a soul searching bop that see's frontman Tommy Haghighi take a look back at all the friends he's lost to time, life and geography. This is followed by 'Gotit', a funky jam in the vein of blur-meets Lou Reed. We see more self-deprecation, spun with just enough light to retain the 'fun time!' in the EP's title.

"I'm a joke, I'm a mess, I'm a bum, but I'm having fun" 

Careful not to bare too much of their soul three tracks in, the boyz take the opportunity to remind you that you have chosen to listen to a punk band named SALAD BOYZ. As a result, you are rewarded with 'Kickz', a hilarious rally through Haghighi's brain as he quite sweetly reminds the listener that he is in this for the "sweet dank beats and the super tasty licks'. Oh, the same also applies to the stock market, karate and rather beautifully, your own mother.

'Big Things' returns 'Silly Guys...' to a pleateau of something slightly more serious. The guitar work from Simon Gilbert on this record shines in it's subtlety, none more so than the intro here. Eventually descending into a mass of screamed vocals and inevitably, pirate metal.Which makes the finale all the more special.
When SALAD BOYZ have something real to say, they express it with more honesty and eloquence than they may realise. Closing number 'Over' is an anthem deserving of singalongs and tender moments. Of heartbreak-playlists and blossoming romance. Of failure and victory and just for the kicks. Like 'Crocodile' and 'T-42' before it, it highlights SALAD BOYZ ability to write a roof-raising chorus. The licks remain tasty, particularly in Gilbert's guitar solo leading to the last refrain.

"And I'd try to explain
But you wouldn't believe me
The words would be wrong
And they wouldn't come easy
You'd say we're alright
But it's obvious to see
It's over, it's over, it's over, it's over..." 

With songs as heartfelt as 'Over' in their locker, it's unclear whether SALAD BOYZ will ever want to stop being silly and having fun.  

I hope they don't.

Taylor Johnson

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