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For fans of: Neck Deep, The Wonder Years, State Champs

Rarely will a brand new band emerge onto any scene as fully formed as Steady Decline.

Formed at the tail end of 2016 by four friends with a pop-punk shaped hole in their hearts,  the Dublin band announced themselves to the world with a cool name, logo, merch, a seven track EP/Mini album and an Irish tour literally within their first week of existance; with such rapid fire enthusiasm, could their music live up to the hype? Taylor Johnson listened to find out exactly that...

For all the exquisite attention to detail surrounding Steady Decline's start to life, 'Coping Mechanism' embodies everything they're about far more than any finely tuned music video ever could. Opening with the appropriatly named instrumental 'New Beginnings', this record is designed to feel like a gig, with everything from the tension building intro, to 'Battlescars' anthemic finale being taken into consideration.

Singles 'Front Porch' and 'Stay The Same' have an irrepressible swell, punchy verses each time leading to choruses which seem to get bigger with each passing guitar solo. Dual vocalists Oscar Hackett (Homecomings) and Jack Wright (Dream State) have an A Plastic Rose appeal, as both frontmen carry the same heavy weights in their head, the same longing. Together they work brilliantly, the effect instant.

The full throttle pulse of the title track keeps emotions running high, as Wright concludes that if he wants to drink the night away, he will. ("Fuck what your friends all say, this is my coping mechanism!"). Sounding straight out of Neck Deeps 'Life's Not Out To Get You', 'Start Over' see's more love laid to waste, more chances lost as Wright admits, "I wrote you once a week, but I could never send it..." and an outro reminiscent of his acoustic beginnings in much loved Galwegian band Dream State.

'Erase Me'  is the emotional pinacle of a record surrounded by pain. A change of pace from what we've heard so far.  It's a giant singalong waiting to happen, as Wright once again bares his soul for all to hear. It leads quite delicately to 'Battlescars', a tune that teases the smallest bit of light to shine on 'Coping Mechanism's dark shadows, before stripping it away. Brooding and heavier than the rest of the record, 'Battlescars' is Steady Decline's mission statement.

Whatever is thrown at them on this journey they are about to embark on, whatever they must deal with, Steady Decline will not stop moving forward...and they'll have the scars to prove it.

Taylor Johnson

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