single review ~ 'savages' ~ goldie fawn

Name ~ Goldie Fawn
For fans of ~ Lana Del Rey,  Marina and the Diamonds, Florence and the Machine

Katie Richardson does not stand still. Forever throwing herself into new projects, new sounds and new looks, the singer-songwriter's constant strives toward the future is one of the characteristics which have endured her to the Belfast scene, since she first broke out as the awesome 'Katie and the Carnival'.

Now operating as 'Goldie Fawn', this slow burning anthem of a song may be far removed from her previous projects sparkle-edged charms; but thematically we see Richardson covering what she does best. Candlelit tales of poisoned love and primal instincts are delivered with a typically strong vocal, and whilst the production here proves darker than her previous efforts, everything from the tribal drum patterns, to the subtle synth play helps to carve out Goldie Fawn's theatrical playground.

It's lovelorn cynicism at it's finest and an excellent way to mark the beginnings of any new pop-career.

Taylor Johnson

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