single review ~ 'death yawn' ~ rews

Name; Rews
For fans of; Deap Vally, Blondie, L7

One of Northern Ireland's most accomplished musicians, Shauna Tohill knows what makes a powerful pop-song. New outfit 'Rews' takes the grander production of her previous work and replaces it with raw guitars and amps turned right up to eleven.

Latest single 'Death Yawn' is a rampant tour through all the best elements of Tohill's impressive songwriting ability. Hook filled verses, playful lyricism and an instantly hummable chorus, here we see the addition of distortion filled guitar lines and a pounding drumbeat courtesy of Collette Williams. Whilst it would be easy to throw the 'riot grrrl' tag at the guitar-driven Rews, Tohill's prose is more cleverly subtle, than sloganeering. That's not to say they lack bite, as the songs hypnotic breakdown can attest to.

If Rews can keep throwing out more ear-worms like this, they'll have a very bright future indeed.

Taylor Johnson

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