top twenty five ~ best irish tracks of 2014 ~ 15 - 11

Moving ever closer to the top 10, here's our rundown of the best Irish tracks to emerge this year // 15-11. Join the debate on Twitter @EncoreNI...

15. His New Atlas - His Young

In an incredible year for the Armagh singer-songwriter, Eoghan O'Hagan has successfully made the jump from promising young up-start, to established local talent. Developing the brooding potential of his earlier EP's, 'His Young' is the result of tear-stained soul searching, dark memories and the kind of climactic chorus you always felt he was capable of. Now building his fan base in England, how much longer will Belfast be able to hold on to His New Atlas?

For fans of: Jeff Buckley, Daughter 
Expect in 2015: More tours, releases and record label tug-of-wars.

14. Hurdles - France

Another product of the Scratch My Progress development program, Hurdles return to their indie pedestal with a new guitarist, a funkier sound and refreshed optimism. Playing off an R'n'B guitar groove, 'France' is a track more suited to European dancefloors than the close quarters gigs the band cut their teeth with. No doubt inspired somewhat by Daft Punks revival, France is a song for the here and now, just like it's authors. 

For fans of: Daft Punk, Superfood
Expect in 2015: A long awaited follow up to debut EP 'Where To Start'.

13. Ciaran Lavery - Shame

3 Million streams on Spotify alone does not lie, and so the hype machine is in no way malfunctioning when you consider the buzz around Belfast's Ciaran Lavery. A singer-songwriter of Damien Rice delicacy's, but thankfully, with his own glacier voice, 'Shame' is the narrow best on an EP of startling quality. 

For fans of: Damien Rice, Iain Archer, Stephen Fretwell 
Expect in 2015: A major support slot//Breakthrough 

12. Moscow Metro - Spirit Of A City 

This Summer release from the Limerick four-piece was everything but, a brooding, swirling mass of dark, yet melodic post-rock. Channeling the atmospheric glow of Depeche Mode and the hopelessness of Joy Division, Moscow Metro simmer with a perfect blend of noise and feeling. 

For fans of: Joy Division, Interpol
Expect in 2015: A host of festival appearances.

11. Serotonin - Cleanse Me

Despite lacking the bite of newer singles 'Paint' and 'Peel', there's just something about this energetic opener we couldn't get out of our heads this year. Be it the intriguing lyrical content or that sterling guitar riff which runs through the tracks core, 'Cleanse Me' remains an important weapon in the Serotonin arsenal. "Don't be alarmed..."

For fans of: Sonic Youth, Fugazi

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