top twenty five ~ best irish tracks of 2014 ~ 20 - 16

Continuing on in our rundown of the best tracks released in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland this year. Here we take a look at some newer acts to have broken through alongside our more established talent. Join the debate on Twitter @EncoreNI.

20. Adebisi Shank - Mazel Tov

Wexford's 'Adebisi Shank' have sadly passed through Northern Ireland largely unnoticed by the mainstream; a credit surely to their low maintenance approach and laid back personas. In a musical world not short of X-Factor fakery, it's refreshing that a band as humble as the power-trio can go through three quality albums, explosive live performances and remain true to the underground which raised them. This beauty, taken from their third album (The superbly titled, 'This Is The Third Album Of A Band Called Adebisi Shank') will live on past their sad recent decision to split.

For fans of: And So I Watch You From Afar
Expect In 2015: n/a

19. This Is Me Dead - Vega

'This Is Me Dead' have come out of nowhere to earn themselves a spot on this list and intrigue the minds of local music professionals in the process. Though the unexpected release of new EP 'Vega' generated the type of hype closer associated to young upstarts, the Belfast band have actually been around a while. Sneering, American indie falls over Editors influenced riffs, concluding in an angst-ridden concoction of something we're desperate to thrash around to.

For fans of: Interpol, Editors
Expect in 2015: A load of live appearances. 

18. Treehome - Keep Our Loving Discreet

Ahh Treehome. Discovered largely through their excellent performances in The Pavilion Bar's 'Battle Of The Bands' this year, the funk driven teenagers proved their recording worth through this stylish single. Not shy to a mass stage invasion, this young group have achieved more than they could have imagined in their first years together ~ from radio airplay, to gig requests across the country. Big things ahead.

For fans of: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nile Rodgers 
Expect in 2015: A debut EP & subsequent tour.

17. Hot Cops - Origami 

Blistering riffs, explosive drumming and that haunting vocal. Maudlin, yet invigorating. This is the sound of Belfast's Hot Cops, this track coming from their time with the Scratch My Progress talent development program. "She says that I'm her bible...I always wondered what she meant by that..."

For fans of: Pavement, Pixies
Expect in 2015: Explosions.

16. Autumns - Cold War

This patchwork noise-rock, courtesy of Autumns, has all the hall marks of an undergrad favorite. Interwoven grunge is played beneath a Sonic Youth drone, as Christian Donaghey's disjointed vocal somehow pulls everything together. A snapshot of bigger things to come.

For fans of: Sonic Youth, Slowdive
Expect in 2015: A gig in a warehouse. 

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Taylor Johnson

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