live review ~ morrissey ~ 3 arena, dublin

To review a man as influential on ones life as Steven Patrick Morrissey is a difficult task indeed. To act as an impartial judge upon a musician who's words have acted as a guide to life through a persons most formative years, who's very thoughts mean more than religion and who's spotlight shines brighter than any other, (celestial or otherwise) is near impossible. Regardless, we cannot resist to comment on one of musics all time greatest icons as he played Dublin's 3 Arena.

First off, A Morrissey concert is much more than a concert. We will stop short of calling it a spiritual experience (though it truly was), and will instead focus on the performance aspects. Morrissey can still sing. Beautifully. Each and every song was sung with their authors passion and intensity, just as they should be. Opening with the breathtaking 'The Queen Is Dead'  the Manchester born-legend was as assured and confident as always, stalking the stage with a fervour which only accentuated his class.

In past shows on this tour he has been criticised for focusing too heavily on new material ~ we must ask, why? Here each new composition radiated with an intoxicating glow; and while it also helps that 'World Peace Is None Of Your Business' is an album of real warmth and charm, the individual tracks stand alone brilliantly. 'The Bullfighter Dies', 'Kick The Bride Down The Aisle', 'Staircase At The University'...each one was sung back to him with as much love as his most treasured classics.

This tour has also reminded any in doubt of Morrissey's place in people's hearts that there is no fear of his influence dimming. Grown men and woman alike cried like children upon his stroll to centre stage and continued to throughout. People hurled themselves towards the barriers in the desperate hope of a single touch, at the expense of almost certainly being kicked out. Poetry in motion, Morrissey continues to make the stage his home, within which he can do as he damn well pleases. A horrifying video of animal slaughter accompanied 'Meat Is Murder', though this is a cause most noble and fully justified. 'Asleep's sweet lullaby marked a heartrending reflection on the inner anger at the universe which has not burned out over time. Even 'Everyday Is Like Sunday's magnificent crescendo cannot be marked out as a highlight, as there were simply too many in a night which never fell below awe and musical excellence. Not once did Morrissey's Baritone vocal whimper, not once did his desire waver. He's a man who is, and will always be changing lives.

Ripping off his shirt to bid Dublin a farewell (hopefully not his last), this charming man will, in perfect irony, live forever.

Taylor Johnson

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