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'Symmetry and Correlation' is out now...

Strabane is admittedly, not particularly renowned for it's musical heritage which makes the discovery of alt-rock four piece "Freak's" all the more intriguing. Adopting their name from the fantastically punctuated graffiti of the same name in the town itself, Freak's have quietly went about building a solid fan base alongside the likes of 'Those Ghosts' and 'White Male Actors', as they work to change the perceptions of a town with a lot of potential. Taylor Johnson had a listen to their single 'Symmetry and Correlation'...

A fast tempo'd bass line acts as a polished introduction to the latest alternative outfit to emerge from Strabane's new generation of rock acts. With the unmistakable tone of a 'Black Holes and Revelations' era Muse, it simply pinpoints from early on that 'Freak's', despite their fun loving and carefree nature, are a band that mean business. Soon complimented by a soothing overlaid guitar riff, the entire emphasis of the track is shifted from the dynamic to the melodic, as front man Ronan Duffy's delicate vocal set's the beautifully complex scene of 'two souls entwined in perfect correlation'. 

In terms of emotive, thought provoking lyricism, Freak's seem to be in their element and as the track continues as too does the intrigue and introspection. 'Together, we'll's better not to grow old here...'

The tracks brilliantly executed breakdown of soaring guitar riffs and almost floating vocal melody gives the second half a particularly serene quality, not dissimilar to The Velvet Underground in their free flowing prime. Throughout, Freak's solid bass and drum beat backbone allows 'Symmetry and Correlation' to flourish, particularly the distinctly 90's styled lead guitars, that works to give the track it's feelgood finish.

At it' best, 'Symmetry and Correlation' could easily have been the work of a young Thom Yorke, but what truly marks Freak's out as a band to watch out for is their ability to create a track with enough of an anthemic quality to entertain a thousand strong festival crowd, yet equally be enjoyed as the soundtrack to a relaxing evening at home.

Freak's are the sound of rose tinted nostalgia. A truly exciting prospect.

~Taylor Johnson

If You Like ~ The Velvet Underground, Bombay Bicycle Club, Band Of Horses ~ You'll love Freak's.

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