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As the final tireless melody plays out on 'Water Runs Dry', it's difficult to believe that 'Maudlin' is simply the debut of one of Belfast's most popular alternative rock bands, Levity Breaks. Since their formation in mid 2010, the band have been touted for great things. Expectations were high when two years later, they began work on the debut that never was, their 'Broken Hands EP'. After discontent over the production of the tracks, the almost complete recordings were shelved and the breakthrough that many on the local scene expected was pushed further back. That is until early this year, when a sporadic post on the bands Facebook page showed that they had just entered the studio once again. Ending in the knowledge that there was, 'Nothing to report, other than it's going very well', the hope and optimism surrounding a Levity Breaks record were once again rejuvenated in emphatic fashion. As the year progressed, the finishing touches were added and the final beats played out - all leading to tonight, as Taylor Johnson headed to the Limelight for the official launch of the long awaited 'Maudlin' EP.

As Levity Breaks entered the stage their determination was as evident as ever. Intro-ing with a Depeche Mode styled build up, the band eased into proceedings in an explosion of anthemic rock. The bands big sound was delivered with feeling and emotion, their timing and rhythm never missing a beat, despite intricate interplay between the delicately utilised synth and it's overlaying lead guitar counterpart. Amongst the groups  singalong styled melodies and big hitting chorus's came the subtle use of piano, capturing the personal touches and intimate feelings on which the songs were no doubt written on. As the night progressed, Levity Breaks purveyed this further, bringing a violinist on stage to great effect for tracks like 'Home and the Wolf'.

Drummer Eamon Lenehan stole a lot of the plaudits as the show progressed, particularly for tracks like 'First Word', with it's beautifully high tempo arrangement juxtaposing brilliantly with the resonating synth which dances through it. New track, 'The Floor' was also a crowd favorite, at times sounding like a Tired Pony track that had been rearranged with an indie twist. Title track 'Maudlin' also went down a storm, it's catchy melody and hook heavy arrangements getting the audience dancing and fist pumping in equal measure.

The eclectic nature of Levity Breaks set  meant that, at times, they looked like the closest this country has came to filling the gap left by the hugely inspirational A Plastic Rose and yet, at other stages, their electronic nature marked them as The Wonder Villains older, worldlier brother. An unusual and exciting combination.
As the band left the stage to the reception of a band playing the final night of a major tour, an encore was inevitable and an encore is exactly what the hugely pumped up crowd received. It was one of the most loving and passionate gigs I'd been too in a long time and a testament to Levity's character and talent that they have not only maintained the hype of their first recording sessions, but improved it greatly. With their dynamic vocal harmonies, honest lyricism and anthemic sonic landscape, it seems Levity Breaks are a band destined for the stadium circuit.

Taylor Johnson.

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