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It's very unusual for a gig review to ever be written in two parts, but on this occasion I felt an exception had to be made. In support of the awesome 'Levity Breaks' came one of the local music scenes most respected and loved singer-songwriters on the circuit, (fans include Tired Pony and Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody amongst others) ex 'Six Star Hotel' frontman David C Clements. Fresh from a live session on Radio Ulster's 'Across The Line', David was in stunning form, providing a most fitting introduction for what was a fine night for Northern Irish music...

From the moment David C Clements took to the stage it was evident he was an artist in a good place. Looking relaxed and confident, he opened his set in stunning fashion,  enchanting a large Limelight crowd as soon as his delicate, soaring vocals echoed through the Limelight's stone walls. Clement's pristine vocals were reminiscent of Fleet Foxes frontman Robin Pecknold, while his energetic backing band provided the indie styled back bone of Texas' post rockers 'Explosions In The Sky'. An enthralling concoction of overflowing melody, that seemed to genuinely move some members of the audience.

Clements sweet blend of atmospheric ambiance was gently fused with flourishes of melodic rock, a combination utilised to perfection in tracks like 'On The Border' with the sort of singalong chorus's to make the leap into the playlists of mainstream, contemporary radio on a national scale.

The highlight of a mesmerising set came through the last track. Delivered like a sonic wave washing over the venue, 'Hurricanes' (The opener to 'The Longest Day In History' EP) seemed to scale the ambient heights reached only by Icelandic 5 piece 'Sigur Ros' in recent years. Executed in a frenzy of passion, Clement's ability to maintain his calm demeanor throughout the explosion of sound which surrounded him, was incredible. Like watching a performance through the eye of a storm.

David C Clements is an artist destined for success beyond the confines of these shores, but until that day (which may come through the release of a highly anticipated solo album) we should be extremely grateful to have him. If you get the chance to see him live, take it. It may be a lot more difficult to do so in future.

Taylor Johnson

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David C Clement's EP, 'The Longest Day In History' is out now...

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