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It seems our usual 'single of the week' segment has had a slight change this week, as the song that we can't get out of our heads hasn't infact been released as a single. Instead we dive into the world of Northern Irish songstress 'Silhouette' and a track from her debut EP 'Can't Keep Up'. Having gained phenomenally high levels of critical appraisal through the title track of her EP (and its subsequent use on the Northern Irish advertising board amongst others), Silhouette has had to work tirelessly to live up to her own hype. This week Taylor Johnson has been listening to her EP, as he explains why, despite the pressure, Silhouette has continued to create the type of alternative ballads this country has long been crying out for.

Opening with the sort of serene and heartfelt acoustic guitar progression that has elevated songs such as 'You and Me' by Lifehouse to the emotional masterpieces that they are, Silhouette's 'Put the Silence On
Hold' begins as honestly and passionate as it means to go on. Sillouette's (real name Shauna Tohill) clear and ethereal tone is a perfect compliment to the slowly building atmosphere around her. The verses drift hazily into life, Tohill's thought provoking prose as captivating as it is tragic. The strong vocal melody could be straight out of  Cranberries frontwoman Dolores O'Riordan's back catalogue, weaving through the somber backing tones, as it builds to its chorus, which glides gently into life with Tohill's soaring vocals depicting more emotion in one note than many artists are able to convey in an entire track. Lyrically, the depths at which this track falls into is never dark or harrowing, yet it can't help but tug at your heartstrings and anyone who's ever felt the wreckless abandon of young love or heartbreak will no doubt relate easily to what is an incredibly genuine song. The vivacious addition of violin to the chorus and subtle use of piano in the verses adds an extra dimension to a song brimming with honesty. At it's best, 'Put the Silence On Hold', particularly with it's passionate chorus, could be a Taylor Swift ballad, yet, it's also easy to imagine the trademark drawl of a young Stevie Nicks singing this song with equal power and intensity, and that is where Silhouette's true natural talent lies. It lies in her effortless ability to write incredibly personal songs, with  widespread appeal. She can connect through her lyrics to as many people as are lucky to hear her, without loosing her alternative edge. A rare and exciting combination.

Taylor Johnson

If you like; Bat For Lashes, Florence and the Machine, Rams Pocket Radio   ~ You'll love, Silhouette.

Download Silhouette's debut EP, 'Can't Keep Up' here and listen to 'Put the Silence On Hold' here. 

Silhouette's debut EP 'Can't Keep Up' is out now...

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