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Limerick born 'Moscow Metro' are clearly a band determined to follow their own vision and remain out of the main stream. With a name derived from the tragedy of the Moscow City suicide bombings of 2010 and lyrical inspiration found in the social environments of modern life, it's clear 'Moscow Metro' know exactly what they want to achieve musically. With a gradual move into local musical consciousness, the band have already amassed a strong and dedicated fan bass, as well as a plethora of experience, gaining regular air play on many of Ireland's top radio stations. The most remarkable aspect of this incredibly rapid and exciting rise? They've only released two singles to date, but what fantastic singles they are.

Starting with the atmospheric, electricity of 'Spirit of the City', Moscow Metro manage to combine the raw, power of a young Glasvegas and back it with the haunting melodies and gently soothing riffs of a young Joy Division. As the track progresses, you can't help but feel Moscow Metro are the band Ian Curtis's tragic Manchester band should have gone on to be. With choir like counter melodies floating over an assured and striking baritone vocal, this cacophony of melancholic wonder simply leaves you wanting more. It's easy to see why so much faith has been placed in the Irish four piece, it's obvious from the audacity of their massive sound that they share that faith.

More aggressive and driven, they're other track 'Cosmos' paints a bleaker and more desolate picture, 'Nightmares of a bleeding heart, for and not falling apart, and it's been so long, since you've seen the light'   Dylan Casey's fast paced drum work drives the song onwards, though the real stand out features come on the chorus, when the melodic and soaring guitar riffs work in wondrous harmony with the deeply sensitive and low vocal. Towards the end of the track the heartrending nature of what is a highly emotional song draw the bands strongest vocals to date, as Barry McNulty is left shouting above Metro's wall of sound 'I lost you a long time ago, Nobody listened to me, nobody listened to me...'. It's as heartrending as it is captivating and you can't help but imagine Ian Curtis screaming along in his Hacienda hey-day.

Strikingly haunting, stunningly potent and startlingly real.
Around this time last year Moscow Metro told their small and dedicated following to 'Check out Little Green Cars' because, 'You'll be paying through the nose to see them next year'. One year on and after the release of their debut album (Absolute Zero ~ out now!) that prediction was proved 100% accurate. Encore now believes the same thing about Moscow Metro. If you can see them now go because...

You'll be paying through the nose to see them next year.

Taylor Johnson.

If you like; Joy Division, Editors, Glasvegas ~ You'll love Moscow Metro

Listen to Moscow Metro's latest singles here and keep up to date with the band here.

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  1. Moscow Metro are assured to become a very important band within the next 12 months...there is a massive intellectual and musical muscularity to every song they write and perform .Staggering to listen to...if they ever get to play mainland uk im gonna be very happy.


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