single of the week ~ hologram ~ 'i've been listening'

Holograms are rising up, back on the streets, with their brand new single, which thankfully is not at all cheesy like the a fore quoted Survivor single. This new track is the third demo released by the Belfast alternative-rock new comers since they started in early 2012. The band, who boast a  distinctly unique sound sustained throughout three releases, create a dark atmosphere that contrasts with anthemic guitars and screeching leadlines. These idiosyncrasies understandably drawing comparisons to New York's post-punk rockers, Interpol.

'I've Been Listening', released on 4th August 2013, open with verses which propose questions through a series of inquisitive lyrics, which cleverly remain unanswered, as the songs builds in almost a pop-punk style with palm mutes exploding into a chorus that sounds colossal in size. Thanks to soaring backing vocals as well as subtle piano usage, both the production and musicianship demonstrated throughout are excellent, really showcasing the raw emotion and heartfelt vocals of a track that manages to display a feeling of optimism and hope particularly appropriate throughout bleak times (such as tonight when I can't afford to pack up and head to Sunflower Fest). With any luck this will trigger success for the alternative rockers, following in the footsteps of bands such as A Plastic Rose. This latest single is without doubt their most mature work to date and the most accurate reflection of their confident live performances, which have gained them a slot at this Year's 'Forfey Festival' in County Fermanagh. Having proved they can improve with each new release, get down and support the band at an upcoming gig before they get too hot to handle.

Review by Chris Hanna

Listen to the single here & hear more from Hologram here.

~ 'I've Been Listening' is out now ~

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