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Hi folks,

            Last night I had the pleasure of making my second appearance on Northern Ireland's favorite musical based radio program "Across The Line" reviewing Belfast rockers More Than Conquerors & their melodic Indie-Pop support band Hurdles. I've already reviewed the gig for the website (which you can read below), but for anyone who missed the live show you can hear my comments on the BBC I-Player! (fancy indeed)

You can check out the whole show here, with my review kicking in at 1:48:30 (prime time baby!).

& You can also hear my exclusive interview with both bands over on the Encore NI official Youtube channel  ~ Click here for More Than Conquerors & here for Hurdles.

Both bands were a great laugh and incredibly fun to interview - I predict big things for both!

Don't forget you can catch them both live this weekend at the final ever Glasgowbury, on the main stage supporting The Answer. It's gonna get emotional and very, very loud.

If you want to hear more from both groups you can check them out on Facebook here;

https://www.facebook.com/hurdlesofficial?fref=ts = Hurdles

https://www.facebook.com/mtcofficial?fref=ts = More Than Conquerors

Cheers ~ See you up the mountain!


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