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'Pawws' debut single is out now...
Today marks the beginning of a brand new section on EncoreNI.com ~ 'Encore Introducing'.
Here we take a look at young (predominately local) talent breaking through the music industry and tell you why we feel they have something a little bit special. Today Encore's been taking a look at "Pawws", one of the ever growing atmospheric-synth pop acts that have emerged since the "vinyl revival" kicked off in late 2011 as the current generation take inspiration  from years gone by to rebel against the rave culture's assault on the charts. Based in London, the young singer/songwriter has just released her latest single "Slow Love" as well as "Time To Say Goodbye". Taylor Johnson gave his verdict...

Rhythmic synths and delicate soundscapes are on offer as you dive into the nostalgic bubble of Lucy Taylor, known by her stage name as 'Pawws'. New single 'Slow Love' begins with a pulsating electronic drum beat, which works in synergy with a delicate backing vocal and winding bass line, which when brought together gives this track it's melodic edge. Vocally, Pawws delivers a wonderfully strong performance, powerful, yet delicate, matching the laid back style of the track without ever growing complacent. There's certainly elements of Scottish electro-pop act 'Chvrches' unique delivery and tone, but the most striking comparison is with Régine Chassagne, the female vocalist in Canadian alternative-rock band "Arcade Fire". You can easily imagine Pawws covering the likes of 'Sprawl ii (Mountains Beyond Mountains)", a song inspired from the 80's vibes that Pawws seems to encapsulate.

If 'Slow Love' is the upbeat single, 'Time To Say Goodbye' is a slower alternative. More relaxed and easy listening, Pawws seems to have given herself a greater opportunity to stretch herself vocally, as the song builds into the kind of vivacious chorus that many artists spend years trying to successfully acquire. The overlapping vocals after the first chorus also adds to the songs delicate nature, while highlighting her higher range and ability.

Pawws also proves that her upbeat,bright sound carries a darker emotional element at times, with potent lyrics such as; "It seems so long ago we used to feel alive, now we're both empty" flowing through the gentle synth riffs. It shows that her work retains the sort of emotional depth the pop-charts left behind long ago.
In all, an exciting and colorful debut. You can expect to hear a lot more from Pawws in the future.

~ Taylor Johnson

If you like; Chvrches, Blondie, Régine Chassagne ~ You'll like Pawws

Check out the new single from Pawws here ~ You can like her on Facebook here & follow her on Twitter @PawwsLucy

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