~~ encore ni exclusive interview with a plastic rose frontman Gerry Norman ~~

Hi folks,

            This week Encore NI had the unbelievable privilege to have a chat with our favorite alternative rock hero, Gerry Norman of A Plastic Rose! After a few audacious emails and a hilarious phonecall, I managed to arrange a meeting with the front man in his new home on foreign soil (see what we did there?) in Nottingham -  during which we discussed the local music scene, how the group have been adjusting to their new surroundings and the latest twists and turns in the constantly evolving saga of the Belfast rockers.

The interview went fantastically well and I think it's fair to say that Gerry's reputation as one of the nicest guys in rock is well and truly justified - we took a magical mystery tour all around the midlands in the A Plastic Rose tour van, stopping for an impromptu game of keepy uppy's in a car park, followed by an intense penalty kick competition down the side of the Field Mill stadium, home of League 1 side Mansfield FC. (Arsenal vs Aston Villa incase you're interested - Which I somehow managed to win!)

Click here to listen to the interview in full

It was an unforgettable experience and one of the best interviews (certainly the most memorable!!) I have ever given - Hopefully that comes across in what is a fascinating and enjoyable look into the mind of a local music legend.

More reviews and news are to come - Hope you enjoy listening to the interview!


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