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Swim Deep

An air of nostalgia hung around the Oh Yeah Music Centre in Belfast tonight, matched by a feeling of optimism and hope brought about by the emergence of 90’s inspired indie outfit “Swim Deep”. The Birmingham boys, fronted by Austin Williams, were in celebratory mood as they played the last night of their 17 day tour and opened the show in a similar fashion.
Having only released two songs to the public so far, without even an EP to their names, the band have done incredibly well to build a loyal fan base across Britain. In Belfast however, it seems the rippling waves of success haven’t yet percolated through as the venue was, surprisingly only half full. This didn’t seem to discourage the band though, as a trademark William’s “Woo!” kicked off proceedings. The band played songs from their eagerly awaited debut album, with most songs filled with swirling guitars and harmonious vocals, as if someone had taken whale song and added a synth to it. Fan favourite “Honey” frustratingly came just in time for a technical difficulty in Williams’ guitar, causing a loud buzzing which would easily have damaged a lesser bands confidence. Instead it simply highlighted this young group’s maturity as Williams ditched his guitar and switched to full frontman mode, playing to the crowd and delivering a great vocal performance. The highlight of the set came midway through, when a new song was introduced as being “just for us” as a way of thanking the dedicated Belfast fan base.  What followed was an extremely melodic guitar riff which echoed the sounds of a young Verve, washing over the audience like a wave and driven by a powerful bass line from Cavan McCarthy.  The unreleased tracks name wasn't mentioned, but it promises to be an extremely strong focal point to the debut album.
The band ended their set and the tour to another single, grunge-pop tune “King City”, which had the entire venue singing along to the chorus as the band hit top gear. The effects of constant touring has clearly taken a lot out of the band and as the final chords rang out bassist McCartney and Rhythm guitarist Tom Higgins left the stage as Williams and drummer Zachary Robinson clattered their instruments in a frenzy and in true Nirvana style continued to trash the stage, knocking down mics, guitars and the drum kit in the process. It was a wonderful, if bizarre, end to a great gig and successful tour.

Taylor Johnson.
Swim Deep - Oh Yeah Music Centre
Belfast. 2nd March 2013.
(Drummer Zachary stayed behind to greet fans after the gig! Top bloke!)

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