ep review ~ the remedy - death by groove

The Remedy
Death By Groove

One quick scan of the Belfast lads back catalogue and it's easy to see where there influences come from! Filled with funky bass riffs and progressive, chiming guitars, The Remedy (named after a line in a late Oasis record) carry an experimental vibe, verging on Everything, Everything territory, without the 80's style synths and effects. The band cross different genres throughout the songs, with a predominantly ska sound while maintaining their indie edge. With quirky song titles such as "Monkey With A Gun" and "Crown Jewels", complete with a unique vocal delivery from frontman Joel McCracken, The Remedy certainly are different ~ and thats no bad thing!

Currently gigging around Belfast.
Follow them on twitter @TheRemedyBand
Listen to "Death By Groove" here:  https://soundcloud.com/the-remedy-band-ni
Follow their musical adventures on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/OfficialRemedy

by Taylor Johnson

If you like: Inspiral Carpets, Madness, The Stone Roses - you'll like The Remedy.

Death By Groove is the bands debut ep.
The Remedy "get down with da trumpets"
at a gig in the Pavillion, Belfast.

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