primal scream - the venue - march 2013

Unlike many bands of similar cult like status, Primal Scream entered the stage to wild raptures and chants of adoration by simply walking on and saying "it's great to be here". No theatrics, no crowd rousing walk on tunes, just a smile and a wave and the bands newest single for many years. This was the Primal's reintroduction to the people and they seemed hungrier than ever to enjoy every moment of it.
(New bassist Simone Butler oozed class and looked radiant throughout.
Worth the ticket price alone truth be told!)

In a polished set, a cleverly structured integration of old and new, the Primals showed just why they've survived in this cut throat business for so long (since 1982 infact!) and why they are continuing to play to sell out arenas today. New single "It's Alright, It's Okay" was given a fantastic reception, despite only officially being released to the public just weeks earlier, it's catchy chorus and bright, optimistic disposition captured the vibe of the venue perfectly. In fact, all of the material went down well, but as to be expected, it was the classics that elevated this gig from excellent to extraordinary. "Here's one you might know, it's from an album called Screamadellica", laughed an assured and confident Bobby Gillespie, who seemed in top form throughout and delivered a vocal performance worthy of the tracks he was playing. "Moving On Up" saw several intoxicated fans fly over the barrier, be it in the delusion that they may end up on stage with their hero's, or the misguided ensuing feelings of youthful euphoria, bringing their evening to a rather ridiculous  if hilarious end. "Loaded" was, of course, the gem of the encore as Londonderry's originally named "Venue" arena erupting into scenes of spontaneous dancing, surely taking the band back to their days gigging in the indie clubs of Manchester in the early 1990's.
The magic of Primal Scream lies within their own passion and enthusiasm. It's evident watching this band that they still have unfinished business with the musical world and that money is surely not a predominant factor in proceedings. Watching the Primals felt like taking a step into the halcyon world of music every generation feels like they missed out on and wishes they could have been a part of. As long as they can continue to provoke such emotions, long may they continue.

Primal Scream
"The Venue"
Londonderry~Derry (whatever floats your boat)
March 19th 2013

(Bobby Gillespie was in fine form - and surrounded by beams of light apparently)

Screamadellica featured heavily on a brilliant set.

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