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Joshua Burnside is of a very rare breed indeed. Somewhat of an enigma, the acoustic singer-songwriter could not be further removed from that very title, intriguing elements of entrancing, ambient instrumentation falling like rain over Burnside's soft croon. It's this unique blend of characteristics that has won him many admirers throughout the country and with the release of  new single 'Catalina' the young folk-pioneer has done his reputation no harm. Indeed, 'Catalina' may be his strongest release to date.

A self confessed 'travelling song', to be sung with a bottle in hand and a heart full of hope, this is a song riddled in poignancy and blindingly beautiful melody. It's actually a slight departure from Burnside's usual experimental, slightly electronic work, but for all the hype surrounding that niche he's created himself, 'Catalina' is certainly a welcome one. From the opening acoustic picked intro, to the sing-along calls of 'where I painted the side fence, the colour of autumn, but there's no fire in my belly...' it's a song of elegance and quiet triumph.

Lyrically, Burnside has clearly developed into a vivid and captivating story teller. Painting the picture of a possibly fictional journey across Europe, the delicacy and gentle expression within each stanza reveals more of this enigmatic songwriter than perhaps ever before. Even if it requires the listener to fill in the blanks for themselves every once in a while."I long for the Summer, my home, I long for my brother, sister..."

 "Catalina, How come you don't sing no more?"

With a full length album release in place for the future, the days of Joshua Burnside's cult status may be numbered. A classic album could well be on it's way.

Taylor Johnson

Released by 'Start Together Singles Club' download 'Catalina' here.
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