live review ~ hidden machine 03 ~ in an instant | 'a light you know and love' ep launch with affleck & c-beams (part 2)

Here at Encore NI we've been quick to praise In An Instant's fast paced rise through the local music scene, understandably so, given the massive success of their EP launch night. It's important to remember the two bands who supported that night of course; Paul Shevlin's 'C-Beams' and electronic, synth rockers Affleck.

Opening the show came 'C-Beams', a band hailed more as a visual arts project, rather than a fully formed alt band by it's creator. Playing a completely original set, front man Shevlin bravely stayed away from the hits and trusted melodies of his former outfit Hologram, instead relying on the likes of new single 'Tannhauser' to captivate and intrigue. Thankfully this proved a stroke of brilliance, as C-Beams atmospheric rock permeated through the minds of those present, lulling the majority to a shoe gaze styled state of total relaxation. Making the leap from this quiet storm, to a full blown gail of rockier numbers seemed also a task almost too easy for C-Beams, as the unusually large crowd who had gathered early fully appreciated. Much like Rams Pocket Radio before them, C-Beams proved there was life in the old piano-driven rock scene yet, which makes the occasion even sadder when you consider this is C-Beams first and last ever gig. A one off appearance, on a one off night. A fitting end to what should have been a significant start. If Paul Shevlin was aiming to raise the bar for his next project, it was mission accomplished. 

In a typically audacious set, Belfast's Affleck again pushed the boundaries of audio dynamism. Their often bizarre, though thoroughly captivating tracks drawing in hoards of new customers in the process. Praise must go to any band willing to add violin melodies to a cacophony of synths and prevalent falsetto. While this could so easily have have been seen as a gimmick, it instead simply added to a band relying as much on their visual presence as their sound. Despite a rocky opening ten minutes, Affleck recovered to rediscover their 80's infused pinnacle with single 'Cat King Lightning'. 

Taylor Johnson

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