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Unless you've been well and truly buried under a mountain of paper work/exam revision and/or album preparation (for our increasing number of band member readers), you will have been made of aware of the next stage in Londonderry/Derry's pop virtuoso's Wonder Villains masterful rise from local life enthusiasts to one of the nations biggest pop outfits. Already beloved by many, the vibrant four piece have just released the  brilliant music video for their newest single 'Marshall' and with it, have only reinforced their reputation as one of this countries most exciting and lovable bands. Here Taylor Johnson takes a look at the new video and the single itself (due for release March 24th), which is of course our 'single of the week'.

As The Wonder Villains juggernaut continues to move onward and upwards towards the highly anticipated debut album, the release of Marshall and it's accompanying music video is the perfect teaser to whet the appetite in the meantime. Shimmering with the sort of pop hooks we've come to expect from the Villains, it's easy to take for granted just how brilliantly developed each of their tunes are, 'Marshall' being no exception. Here, lead guitarist Ryan McGroarty's catchy opening riff guides the boundaries of the song, immediately invoking the kind of feel good dynamism lacking all too often in pop music's current stereotyped landscape. It's a very positive sign indeed when an audience is compelled to sing the opening riff from a song back at the band, (think Snow Patrol's 'Spitting Games' or Ash's 'Burn Baby Burn') and that's exactly the effect The Wonder Villains seem to master time and time again.

As the song's verses bounce into life, it's the foot tapping bass riff of frontwoman Eimear Coyle which takes centre stage, a soft, dream-invoking vocal then lightly waltzing through the delicately woven pop underlays. Subtle key board riffs from the fantastically original keytar of Cheylene Murphy adds to 'Marshall's soft and fragile centre. Wearing their charismatic credentials on their sleeves, perhaps the real key to The Wonder Villains  success is their ability to embrace this warm, friendly image, while never feeling the need to be anything other than just that. Their abundance of fun and dance invoking grooves has the potential to entrance kids in the same manner that Alphabeat managed so brilliantly with their self titled debut album (remember 'Fascination'?), yet where those Danish pop-rockers failed, the Villains succeed effortlessly. They're cool. It's as simple as that, and 'Marshall' and it's music video is further testimony to this.

Here we see the band rocking out on one of the many magical roundabouts in our very own Barry's, Portrush. Eimear and Cheylene are the face of the band, sharing vocal duties and looking exuberant and exciting in the process. How many youngsters could be inspired to pick up a bass or a keytar after watching a video filled with such wonder? Meanwhile Ryan swings his electric blue guitar around with the confidence and ease of a man playing his hundredth gig, rather than someone taking part in their first professional music video. You can tell how much he's enjoying the experience and rather than looking awkward or tentative, he, and indeed the whole band, look like they've simply been waiting for this opportunity from day one. In the background, drummer Kieran Coyle keeps things ticking along, his tight and explosive drum work acting as the unsung jewel in the bands pop crown.

In all, The Wonder Villains are unlikely to remain simply ours for much longer. As we stated at the turn of the new year, 2014 could and should be the year that see's these four childhood friends explode into the mainstream. They've already gained airplay on Radio 1 and if their upcoming debut album 'Rocky' (due for release 23rd June!) is as good as anticipated, expect a lot more.

*Sidenote - We would have brought you this review sooner, but we've been so busy dancing to the song, alone in our bedrooms that we simply didn't have the time. Woo!

Taylor Johnson.

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The Wonder Villains Debut Album 'Rocky' is due for release on the 23rd of June.

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