single of the week ~ amidships ~ 'oceans'

From the opening serenading waves of sound from Amidships shimmering guitars, it's clear that 'Oceans' is a special track indeed. Bursting with ambient beauty and a stunningly fragile vocal from frontman John Paul-McCorley, 'Oceans' is a gentle ballad displaying the sort of lyrical prowess that takes most bands years to master. 'Oh, just give me this chance, to fuck this up one last time' leaving an emotional mark that will resonate long after the final note has rang out. The Amidships trademark violin accompaniment from Fiona McCauley adds an endearing element, elevating the arpeggio guitar which guides much of the songs serene emotion. The falsetto backing vocals of the second verse is a subtle, but welcome accompaniment, which acts as further example of this bands quiet brilliance, as McCauley's extra backing vocals also rest beautifully over the bridge and ending chorus.

A crescendo of violin and Sigur Ros styled melancholy gives this song the ending it deserves, crashing like the very waves it's protagonist sings about so delicately.

'Oceans' is a song with tremendous depth and the emotional gravitas to command the attention of the most hardened individual. It has the power to give out tremendous hope and comfort the broken hearted in equal measure.

Taylor Johnson

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