track of the week ~ 'she's so easy to hold' ~ aaron shanley

This weeks track of the week comes from Lisburn's own Aaron Shanley. The acoustic singer songwriter has gathered a large, underground following over the last few years, both through his rigorous touring schedule, punk styled side projects and of course, that distinct vocal, a smooth blend of smoky ambiance and gentle melancholy. Yet, for all of Shanley's diverse musical projects, including his foot-stomping venture into punk with 'Startled Space Moths', it was his earliest recordings of simply himself and an old acoustic guitar which captured the hearts and minds of his loving fan base. This is why the release of his latest EP 'Bedroom Tapes: Swiss Cottage Teal Roses'  once again sparked the onrush of affection for this talented artist, who, armed with an even broader perspective on the world in which we live and a wave of new material, was ready to stake his claim as one this countries finest songwriters. Having fell in love with the EP from the word go, it was only fitting that Taylor Johnson would choose the opening track as Encore NI's 'Track of the Week'.

From the opening palm muted strums on Aaron Shanley's acoustic guitar the tone of the EP is set in motion. Like the sun emerging from a clouded sky, 'She's So Easy To Hold' has the hallmarks of an uplifting ballad to new found optimism, while never abandoning Shanley's trademark beautifully maudlin delivery. Showing a new found maturity, a pristine piano overlay is intertwined perfectly with subtle electric guitar riffs. This is performed with incredible precision, showing a progression from the pure acoustic tracks of EP's gone by and one that only adds to the folk tinged melancholy he's carefully crafted his songs around.

Vocally, Shanley's mournful croon glides over the beautiful arrangement's around him, singing the chorus with as much emotion as a track such as this can handle without ever threatening the tracks delicacy. In a lyrical sense, the songwriter continues to wear his heart on his sleeve, the opening line of 'Some things you wish you didn't know, breaks your heart to find the truth'  particularly moving. Be warned, this is not a song of self pity and desperation. Far from it. This is Aaron Shanley's admission to the pains of life and love, yet somehow through it all, you get a feeling of hope from this song. She may not be easy to hold onto, but for that one moment in time it may just be worth the heartbreak.

Why? 'She's so easy to hold'.

Taylor Johnson

If You Like: Tired Pony | Neil Young | Alex Turner (solo acoustic sessions) ~ You'll love Aaron Shanley.

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