track of the week ~ 'never gonna let you down' ~ glenn rosborough

It's always a brave move for the lead guitarist of any band to announce the release of solo material. To take the step into life as the sole lyricist, composer and performer of any new project carries with it a unique pressure and certain responsibility that the security of a band just doesn't carry. For acoustic singer/songwriter Glenn Rosborough however, the transition has been as seamlessly natural as a Wyldling guitar solo in full flow. A minimalist production and soaring vocals have captured the Londonderry/Derry man's new style beautifully and eloquently, as a gently plucked acoustic guitar intro is balanced by a hand clap percussion. This small scaled, natural approach gives the track a nostalgic tinge, leaving the impression that it could be a song from a distant childhood memory, despite hearing it for the first time. A rare and powerful accolade.

Rosborough's vocal has the raspy twang of a seasoned folk veteran, captivatingly raw from the outset and brimming with emotion. The falsetto'd harmonies of the chorus elevate the song to a new level, providing a further layer of sweet melody which pulsates through the heart of this track.  With such a unique and haunting voice, you wonder why Rosborough isn't yet one of our most renowned songwriters. The accompanying video is also a must see, detailing the precision and confidence necessary to pull of such a well performed song.

In all 'Never Gonna Let You Down' is a hall mark of Glenn Rosborough's talent as a vocalist and songwriter. Though never destined for mainstream adoration, anyone with a passion for acoustic prowess and an ear for a melody will recognise the heart and soul behind this beautiful song.

Taylor Johnson

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Check out Glenn's official live video for 'Never Gonna Let You Down' here.

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