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Be it deliberate or not, Monaghan born, Dublin based, songwriter Dáithí Murphy's move from the hardcore end of the musical spectrum, to the acoustic has proved an inspired decision. 

As the live-wire frontman of heavy-af-rock band 'Attack the Day', Murphy's aggressive vocals and bold performances marked both him and his band as eventual successors to the likes of Axis Of on the Irish punk scene, making the emergence of 'natures', his acoustic side project, extremely unlikely. Yet a nine months on from his first Soundcloud demo there comes 'Seagreen', natures debut DIY EP. 

Four songs drenched in heart, Murphy leaves no stone unturned in his quest to bleed out every emotion he has onto his lyrics sheet. From "thinking about the way you give me hope" in the charming indie-pop stylings of 'Going to Yours', to pondering the size of his own funeral on the excellent 'April 15th', each track tells a story, each story uniquely engaging. 

There's also been massive strides forward for natures as an artist; the simplified, lofi aspect of the songs suits his vocal, the song structures are more playful, the melodies more memorable. It feels and sounds like a friend playing guitar in your living room beside you. Even if you're seven cans in and there's nothing left to do but laugh before you both cry. 

It's within that simplicity that 'Seagreen' pulls you into it's world. It's a world of "lighting rollies of toasters and drinking cans in the garden", it's being as scared of the future as you are excited by it. It's about loving and hurting, but loving again because in the end it's all gonna be worth it. 

Seagreen is a record of hope. For every sad lyric, and there are plenty, there's another telling you to keep your head up.

That might be exactly what the world needs right now. 

Taylor Johnson

For fans of: The Front Bottoms, Human Kitten, Cloud Nothings

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