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Junk Drawer
For fans of⁞► Dinosaur Jr, Yuck

Junk Drawer are a cool band. They may not agree with it, they'd probably hate being called it, but cool they are and this is perhaps the most apt description of  "Song 3", their most recent release since 'Their Self-Loathing Debut (Mostly)'.

Sounding like the battered cassette your older brother played to death trying to impress girls in the 90's, Junk Drawer somehow capture the hell for leather instrumentation of a band nearing ever closer to the edge; sewn together with the clever lyricism of Courtney Barnett.

"Play to your strengths, predestination has it’s perks,
Parallels everywhere you look,
Commitment’s nothing but a breeding ground for further discontent
Don’t place too much stock in not-for-profits"

Whilst "Song 3" makes no apologies for its art-house credentials, (this is music for "the cult fat guy" after all) it's done so in a way accessible to anybody stuck in a shitty nine to five, with a mind prone to overthinking (that's a lot of people). A hard balance to get right, but one that Junk Drawer's lackadaisical detachment has nailed thus far.

Frontman Stevie Lennox sounds great here too, his delivery never lost amidst the bands raucous noise around him. Having seen this band live a couple of times now, and knowing each member takes turns on every instrument, I still haven't worked out which formula works best. I can also confirm this is not a bad problem to have in their case. More please.

Taylor Johnson

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