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New Atlas
For fans of⁞► The 1975, Barcelona, Swim Deep

It may be a bit premature to proclaim 'Young Hearts', the debut single from Armagh-born, Liverpool-based, two piece New Atlas, the best they've ever done. As despite their new image, new colour scheme and bold new sound, the emotive-pop noise of guitarist/frontman Eoghan O'Hagan and pianist Luc McParland is not an entirely new prospect. Indeed, under previous moniker 'His New Atlas', the lads mournful ballads marked them out as one of this countries most promising young outfits. but all things must change and along with the haircuts, so has the sound.

Part of what made 'His New Atlas' so enchanting was O'Hagan's palpable pain behind the microphone. Songs like 'His Young' dragged you into the songwriters troubled mind, and often left you there long after he'd left the stage. 'Young Hearts' manages to convey that same emotion, but in very different ways. If 'His New Atlas' led you into the dark, 'New Atlas' feels like an escape back into the light.

Shimmering synth work from McParland paints 'Young Hearts' dreamy pop landscape, whilst his bandmate pulls another big chorus out of nowhere. This was par for the course on his slower work, but bringing out the big guns on a single like this is a totally different matter all together. They nail it here.

For all of 'Young Hearts' big production and instant melody, there remains some of the shadows from his previous work. 'If my Mother and Father had stayed together, maybe we could have too...", suggesting that we won't be hearing them cover 'Love Me Do' anytime soon.

A bold new direction, illustrative pop-critiques on the human condition and a festival worthy chorus. A certain Matty Healy may well approve. Extremely promising.

Taylor Johnson

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