track of the week ~ 'outdoorsman' ~ rory nellis

Name: Rory Nellis
Genre: Alt-rock
For Fans Of: Pete Doherty, Jeff Buckley, Elliot Smith
Location: Belfast

Rory Nellis has been a prominent name in the Northern Irish music scene for some time now. As the face and voice of the seriously great Seven Summits, Nellis' grunge-pop songs slowly evolved over the years into it's own niche. On debut solo album 'Ready For You Now' we see a greater cohesion, a finer balance between the tracks; Whilst 'Outdoorsman' really stands out.

With it's Jeff Buckley styled introduction and stunning string-section, 'Outdoorsman' is an isolated ode to the Summer, tragic and powerful. It feels cinematic, and certainly wouldn't look out of place on a Bond soundtrack. Whether that's what the songwriter was going for here is another matter.

Vocally, it's a passionate effort, every bit as alluring as those early Seven Summit's recordings. Where Nellis will go from here is anyone's guess ~ thankfully he seems anything but short of ideas.

Taylor Johnson

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