single review ~ 'crazy' ~ loris

Name: Loris
Genre: Electro-Pop
For Fans Of: Years and Years, Indiana, PAWS
Location: Belfast

Loris' last major release, 'Yeah', was a big hitting single with a catchy guitar line and strong, intelligible vocals. New single 'Crazy' is better. A much more anthemic effort, this time around Loris have sacrificed some of that indie-pop sensibility in exchange for the sort of floor-filler pop kings Years & Years would kill for.

It seems this is a band that never stops learning, as each release marks another improvement, another step closer to the main stream. The creeping bass line lurks just enough to keep the rhythm, whilst adding to that 'epic' feeling; just like Imagine Dragon's mammoth hit 'Radioactive'. 

The synths are well placed and dance-worthy, 80's influenced, but never outdated. This is the biggest indication yet that Loris' short musical journey could about to get, ahem, even crazier.

Taylor Johnson

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