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It's an incredibly busy time for Armagh's His New Atlas, as the singer/songwiter (real name Eoghan O'Hagan) prepares for the release of a brand new single, complete with music video, as the first taster of the highly anticipated 'Torn Out Lungs' EP.

'His Young', due for release 25th July, see's the trademark ambiance of records gone by laced with frighting new levels of honesty, in a move the teenager has described as 'the first real song I've written about myself'. Perhaps this is a watershed moment in the development of His New Atlas, a project so often praised for pushing the sonic boundaries of love-lorn devotion and hopeless romanticism.

As time has progressed, so too has the music, and as such the themes running through O'Hagan's lyricism seem to have developed to matters much closer to his heart. But why the change? He explains, 'This EP is about my family, and me...making it has been a gigantic amount of closure and I hold every word dearly.'His Young' will be the first honest, true song and it outlines the subjects of this EP perfectly'. 

With greater honesty, comes greater risk and as His New Atlas continues to bare his soul it seems this is one risk he must undertake. 'I am so nervous for 'His Young' to be released, because this songs speaks the words I could never find the bravery to exhale!'. 
An admirable attitude and one that will undoubtedly see each verse carefully analysed by those who've taken comfort in the lyrics of EP's past.

But will 'Torn Out Lungs' see the exorcism of any personal demons amongst it's very public outpouring? 'You'll have to wait until August for the picture to be colored in!'

His New Atlas 'Torn Out Lungs' EP is due for release in late August.
The brand new single 'His Young' will be released 25th July.

His New Atlas will play three 'Secret Garden Shows' in his hometown of Armagh, Belfast and Derry/Londonderry in support of the EP release. For further information on these intimate performances, please contact Eoghan personally via the His New Atlas Facebook page.

Taylor Johnson

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