band member wanted | psychedelic four piece seek frontman/frontwoman/freeflowing positive vibes☮

Belfast's newest and most exciting young rock band 'BLOOM' have announced their intentions of hiring a vocalist, to add to their unique blend of trippy-rock and roll. Formed in early March of this year, the band (aged 18/19) have already established themselves as a promising outfit through a series of entrancing instrumental demos, seemingly born without the restrictions of common song structure and instead given the freedom to flow and progress in as natural a way as possible.

Situated in Belfast, but with members coming from as far a field as Bangor and Lurgan, BLOOM have seemingly no set ideas of who may be the perfect addition to their synth induced psychedelia and as such could potentially branch into any direction. Citing their influences as The Doors, Tame Impala, Led Zeppelin and The Beatles, the band, who have already gained considerable gigging experience through previous bands/projects, claim the vocalist 'could be anyone'  though should naturally share a similar music taste.

Think you could be the man/woman to elevate Blooms impressive back catalog of instrumentals (some lasting 25 minutes long) to a new level of consciousness? They practice every Monday night in Belfast's Oh Yeah Centre 15\21 Gordon Street and are considering everything and everyone.

You can get in contact with the band on the links below...


Taylor Johnson

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